Neighbourhood Support New Zealand supports the use of emergency management tools that can allow emergency services to access information collated just for that purpose.

Readynet is a service that has been embraced by leading Councils as part of their emergency preparedness and response and in turn, they have offered that service to Neighbourhood Support groups to use free of charge.

As Councils have the responsibility for managing local civil defence, adopting a service such as Readynet enables them to more easily connect and communicate with Neighbourhood Support groups in their area.

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand promotes the availability of Readynet where it is offered to be used by local groups. They view it as a positive tool that paves the way for community groups to improve their preparedness and stay connected with local council for emergency management, response and guidance.

How does Readynet work for Neighbourhood Support groups?

1. The Group contact person (or nominated group administrator) logs into Readynet to record information for and about their Group.

2. Information is recorded on the Readynet secure website and safely stored using the latest technology to ensure your details are secure.

3. Details recorded are easy to complete and include basic location details of the group and members contact details.

4. Information is shared with the Emergency Services and with the Emergency Operations Centre (Civil Defence HQ) of participating Councils. This means that when the Emergency Services and / or Civil Defence are responding or planning a response to an emergency event they have information about the ‘Who and Where’ of your Group.

5. Using Readynet means that you can’t ‘lose’ your Group’s details due to hardware failure (computer crashes!), discs or paper records being lost, stolen or damaged. It also makes maintaining, updating or handover of these details very easy.

Alerts: Readynet can be used to alert your Group about local emergency events by text messaging and email. Alerts are usually generated through participating Councils Emergency Operations Centres.

As well as using Readynet for assembling and storing your Groups details, important local emergency information can be entered so that the details of your nearest Civil Defence post, Police, Fire station, etc can be easily available for your group in an emergency. All of the stored emergency information can be printed out as a complete document for off-line use – e.g. during an emergency event where electricity may not be available.

To protect the data about each Neighbourhood Support group, access to the Readynet Network is protected by username and password combination– just like internet banking. There are options for keeping members contact details private and not shared with the rest of the group and or emergency services if required.

Readynet information is available to the Emergency Services and Civil Defence and is only ever used for emergency management purposes.

Readynet is available to Neighbourhood Support Groups free of charge within participating Councils:


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